[Egao ga Ichiban (Tsukusun)] Yuki Hime Kankan [English] [SMDC]

[笑顔が一番 (つくすん)] 雪姫姦々 [英訳]

Artists: tksn (25)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
27 pages

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loli nigga
10/10 came all over my bible
He just killed her after curing her crippling depression. WTF! At least it's better than the edgelord anime Angel of Death, that thing is pure garbage
This hits hard. I don't feel good!
i never thought i would find a positive message in anything by this artist, and here i am, looking at a really good attempt at keeping people from killing themselves
This is so fucked up but I bet if people who felt suicidal were treated like this there'd be way less people trying to commit it.
I got hard with this....... I need a fucking psychologist