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Junko Affairs
AMAZING color panels, Vivid artwork that pops, Engaging stories, BUT the "Ideal Battery" story. Let me tell you something writer you can cuck any of these doujin sluts but you do NOT NTR THE TOMBOY YOU DIRTY MOTHER FUCKER. Cuck any other bitch BUT DON'T TOUCH THE TOMBOY THAT'S THE UNWRITTEN RULE YOU DUMB BITCH! This was an Amazing read up until that point. Mother fucking cuckbitch ass author. I Fucking cried reading that shit.
seriously that baseball guy does not deserve that girl i mean just sitting there watching as some other asshole rapes your girl.....dude should just kill himself
Im lost, one sided? so who df liked who? i mean the baseball joint. still. nice fap material
That baseball story is just terrible
what's the title from the second last page?
that art is soooo gooood i love it 😍
The ideal battery doujin has a different apology sequence than the original comic print.