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This is one of my favorites, man it's 3:59 a.m. and i'm here jerking it to some drawings on the internet while my siblings are out there working on their careers. What is life... I remember being a kid having so many dreams like becoming a pianist or a good artist, these things are still possible but being this late in the stage I just can't help but to Loose motivation. Also why are you reading this btw? if you have this much time on your hands then Head on Over to NuttyKids on Twitch, All people are accepted whether you are on the toilet, currently fapping or just finished, feel free to join in. Also I was just lying about the first part, get pranked hahaha...................................
This Nosaka bitch, jesus I hate her. Look how she's saying that the "handsome" guy is better than the lil guy. If I was the lil guy i'll have fucked her raw pussy like a Beast and slap all over her body as well.
The fat guy wasn’t entirely disturbing compared to other
Heinrich lauert you still there bro. I love in herne.
The main guys are always fat,ugly,sweaty and just disgusting looking overall But all the females and art are good
Almost all of this artists work are pure trash in terms of the story, though if you only care about the art then good.
Lord Alvin
Really lovely story 🤤💕
The good shit right here
She acts like the victim yet she was a true bitch back then. Totally deserved.
I'm here to say turn back before it's too late :( this guy work is shit even though the art is good
All the fucked up bs at once!
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