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TheGod of Hentai Mangaka, ShindoL
Idus Martiae
I keep thinking the professor sounds like Mandork
kirito shiba
ok i came here after reading Emergence from Shindol wich was one of the best for me so far even tho it was way much fucked up and now i see this .... no words really just PRAISE SHINDOL
all I wanted was for the professor to get laid :(
The octopus part was probably one of the weirdest things i've ever read ;<
I read this for just the beastiality, but this hentai make me read most of it
I can't believe that professor doesn't have any sex scenes.
@angelakenneth Shut the fuck up.
Why do over 1,000 people like this? The art is mediocre; the sex acts are icky. Where are all the faves for the great mangaka, like Fuuga?
The 7th Pervy Sage
his arts and stories are just top notch
Junko Affairs
We even get a lesbian scissor scene at the end... This has EVERTHING.