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It was good until the incest.
eventhough nhentai doesnt have any vanilla tag but this one is true vanilla and very nice 100/10
Aoi Ogata
It's cute. Mostly the MC and the ninja.
Dr.P is criminally under appreciated. Five whole decensored tankubons filled to the brim with delicious vanilla goodness. No rape, no netorare, no cheating, no bullshit. Plus that art style is aces, cause Dr.P understands volume. Even the petite girls have curves in all the right places and indentations where their underwear presses against the skin, and it only gets better with the voluptuous ladies; Dr. P knows how to draw an ass to die for. Shiwasu no Oknia's 'Pisu Hame' is great, right up until all the rape. Yamatogawa has the same problem in 'Witchcraft' and 'Power Play'. Ditto with Yukimi's 'Birthday' and 'Kano Bana'. I'd be hard pressed to name anyone else with as long and as consistent a track-record of sublime vanilla, combined with a gorgeous art aesthetic, as Dr.P has. 11/10 - This tankubon gave me Diabeetus.
I'm horny
Dr.p thank you very much
tfw you will never have a qt ninja waifu
Hitokiri Izou
niiiiice ninja's are always hot
Did you have good dream?
yea but vanilla is a sign that the manga could get happy end unlike in most ntr mangas robypoo.
vanilla doesn't determine whether a doujinshi is good or bad.
i never knew this was already complete and decensored. read it! dont miss all the vanilla goodness!!!