(C86) [Shikishima GunTool (Shikishima Tenki, Shikishima Shoutarou)] Tenbi Tsuushin 1 (Maken-ki!)

(C86) [敷島贋具 (敷島天気, 敷島昭太郎)] 天日通信1 (マケン姫っ!)

Parodies: maken-ki (28)
Characters: aki nijou (13)
Languages: japanese (183,192)
Categories: doujinshi (214,642)
66 pages

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I still hope Takeda, Hiromitsu make his own Maken ki hentai scene, that guy make great Hentai but not even make the uncensored version of his shity manga. That guy drawing skill is greater than mine but come on Takeda what are you waiting for to make your own characters getting laid.
I really prefer when girls in anime get the mc in doujinshi than becoming a Cum dumbster bc I hate when girls are treat like that. Even if I secretly get more exciting by that. The drawing is good but I find it a little boring and the narration to even if it look more real. I mean she is so curvy and busty but it lack something to make ot more sexier, the manga version is so hot but here she look like a pale copy. I still prefer INSERT KEN draw because of how erotic Aki sensei is but hate that she fucked random students, still sound so exciting. I mean who would not want to fuck the slutty Hot cum dumpster infirmary teacher?
Look Ma. ,no words. This was gr8
A more accurate depiction of sex. None of those inaugural speeches that every other manga has, only moaning and meat slapping sounds.
The censorship s the only bad thing.