(C83) [Minori Kenkyuujo (Minori Kenshirou)] Kichikubi Musume [English] [LWB + Anon]

(C83) [みのり研究所 (実験四郎)] 鬼乳首娘 [英訳]

Categories: doujinshi (214,642)
32 pages

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Succubus (Male)
@Xelrog , Doesn't look like police though, with all that mail outside his house, I'd guess that's his landlord and judging from the clothes, the landlord is a part of the yakuza. So basically, his appartment is owned by the yakuza.
@Xelrog | "This author seems to ..." -- Yep. That's a pretty accurate comment about Minori Kenshirou. I just marathon'd his doujins. They always have a small twist in the end.
It seems like he was being questioned by the police at the end there... this author seems to like teasing at loli romance and then ripping it away with reality.
Did the dude go to jail? Why didn't the mother question why she was with a strange man?