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just watch from page 131 if you don't like the harsh stuff its really good.
And I it deserves Slice of life sequel with feiendly vanilla since the characters gone through alot
(Check page 197 and read the green text above the bearded man its about rape and ntr(ntr, almost equivalent to cheating)) It would be nice if villages and sacrifices cease to exist we dont need that shit anymore this is the damn 21st centry bitches would be nice if a group of people could go into the eroge itself and hunt every douche down
Dante Sparda
One of the few ntr I read and it feels great because they ugly cucks die.
@Ruggedgolem vanilla is for pussys.
Well..... the NTR during the middle really.... really caused me to end up wanting to kill people again..... but other than that the Vanilla was really nice afterwards.
@metroid skip the ntr and go straight to the vanilla
she is still a slut though
2 types of ntr with happy end: 1st: mc and heroine/s were happy at the end but bad guy/s did not die. 2nd: mc and heroine/s had a happy ending plus bad guy/s died Yes i like this more tho that orgy at classroom is kinda redundant. Lol
NTR with happy end. Nice!
Juice Cake
its great, the bad guys burn to death or get thrown into jail, and the good guys die happy or live a happy life
Wow what a beautiful ending for this story :D