(C86) [STUDIO PAL (Nanno Koto)] Other Zone 4 ~Kemono no Ou-sama~ | Other Zone 4 ~The Beast King~ (Wizard of Oz) [English] {Kenren}

(C86) [STUDIO PAL (南野琴)] Other Zone4~獣の王様~ (オズの魔法使い) [英訳]

Parodies: wizard of oz (16)
Characters: dorothy gale (6)
Artists: nanno koto (188)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
30 pages

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this is the pussy of purification!!! you beat her, you fuck her, you cum inside her, and your sin will be cleansed and become a man of integrity!!!! dorothy hu akbar! dorothy hu akabar!!!
after reading other zone 5.. it seems her personality is actually changing little by little... im sorry i ever doubted you.. nanno koto i feel retarded now...... uhhh
lmao... that is.. just.... toooooooo dammmmm funnny... now thats a plot cliche... ....the story was good.. but she magically restored her clothes and vagina.. and.. just .. well.. its ok . the story is still way better than ur avarage hentai story... and art is awsome..