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trash :D always same trick and story and bla bla and im not kind of woman bla bla
Those eyes of hatred at the end, this really needs a sequel.
this was pretty good. I want more ntr like this.
yooooo didn’t expect that, a sequel would be fire
Anyone know of any other hentai like this?
Yes MC let the hate flow through you, join the dark side....
an MC who wants to go to the dark side, if only this got a sequel.
I love the despair that shows from MC's eyes, yet I know for sure (?) That there won't be any continuation, even tho if the author decide to draw a sequel where the MC goes berserk and went to gore a lil bit then take back the girl, imagine how many reader would that make, I'll even buy the book to support him/her :(
we need a sequel for this one. please!!!!!!
i would want a sequel where they end up together
I want a continuation for this please, the story has a pretty good ambiance and the last part of it is somewhat gives the readers a sequel.