(COMIC1☆9) [Ebimashi (Ebina Ebi)] Project Analyze (Pokémon) [English] [Risette] [Incomplete]

(COMIC1☆9) [えびまし (海老名えび)] プロジェクトアナライズ (ポケットモンスター) [英訳] [ページ欠落]

Parodies: pokemon (647)
Artists: ebina ebi (33)
Groups: ebimashi (13)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
9 pages

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I see it says incomplete. When will it be complete? An anal scene would be amazing
help me
how tf did i end up here?
Your mom's gay! she mated with a lizard which gave birth to a geneticly unstable freak.
Not really. Pokemon is really really gay
@'Natsu~Dragneel' Coming from a Fairy Tale fan that's not saying much. Haha.
The presence of the "incomplete" tag seems a bit dubious... Does anyone know if this really is an incomplete version of the doujin? (And if so, evidence affirming it as such would be appreciated) Or is it just the uploader's wishful thinking getting the better of him? It really bothers me, since I can't be certain either way...