(C86) [Poppenheim (Kamisyakujii Yubeshi)] Perusaro (Persona 4G) [English] [Kusanyagi]

(C86) [ぽっぺんはいむ (紙石神井ゆべし)] ペルサロ (ペルソナ4G) [英訳]

Parodies: persona 4 (433)
Groups: poppenheim (38)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
30 pages

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They are always the fat guys who have the money and get the women. I didn't even fap this was just annoying. Especially cause she didn't look like she was enjoying it until near the end. And the guy when he sucked her tits looked so fucking ugly it made me want to take a wrench and slam it into his head. I have a good feeling the artist can do a better job on the characters so i'm still going to say thumbs up even though i'm complaining. It's just.....uuuggghhhh....
Marie's emotionless expression got me all hard smdh
I dressed as her for a Halloween party and a guy grabbed my ass
Her irritated emotionless personality is so sexy.
Not into old fart man trends, but this is actually really good. The old man is not an asshole. He just wants to satisfy his partner, regardless if she's a whore or not.
johnnythunder17 : Cause some dude love seeing girls getting fucked by an old fart...
why it have to be a fat old guy?