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Art 4/10 so I stopped reading, cuz even if it's ntr, the art is what matters for me
El peor manga que vi en mi vida no se entiende nada no hay historia de por medio pffff
I though the mc become a legit alpha male at the 1st story because getting cuck by a bald man.
White Iverson
You can see dem eyes and the determination. Good translation and the art is good over all.
Quelorakath Rethikhaalis
@truxquest Im more in favour of the idea of all the mother fuckers who like ntr, rape and all that shit, getting fucking torn apart by those massive arm sized cocks they seem to love so much. @Cygnuslol fuck off, who said fetishes had to be about guilty pleasures or shit like that? And even if it was why should that stop me from hating it? All of you ntr lovers are fucking cunts
@Dante Sparda Dude, do you know what "n" in nhentai means?
Dante Sparda
*Sigh NTR for the fucken win.... again SMH. NTR is such a turn off
@harvester Fuck your bullshit explanation and your shittytheory cocksucking vanillafag
NTR is cool when that come from School Girl With Rich guy or man who have work but it's disguisting when it come from married woman with shota...
in the end, why only the mother, big sis and lil sis ? where and what happen with shinomiya yuuri oujo ??
this masterpiece will be a legend i'm free sure about it
@truxquest I will fuck ur wife/girlfriend/mother/sister in front of u while u are tied to a chair to support ur Anti-NTR bullshit so u can be the first to personally experience it and try to beat me if u can untie urself first of course.
thanks for the translation
Many beside myself want an ANTI-NTR genre in my opinion,comment anyone??? #antiNTR
I know that this a NTR fetish genre but why i havent seen ANTI-NTR fetish in which the guy that being NTR grow some ball and beat the shit out of the assholes and dominate the bitch back or find other girl ???????
@noctus the ntr genre came from south korea, it all started around the same time many korean artists in japan (aka zainichi) are able to emulate anime-style artworks that it's barely noticable to actual jap-made works, also wani (vanilla doujins that got liscensed because reasons)
Why is there even NETORARE i fucking hate it. It hurts to see the protagonist's heroine being fucked by some other guy
Its the best h manga in this universe, seeing womad that addicted to sex made me hard
This is pure disgusting :( I deem it non fapworthly
And whoever that Kurzwaltz Messer is he is a complete moron with bullshit explanation that could only convince vanillafags like Oliver and Kaynempro. For futher proof that they are separate works you can check bakaupdates page of Kokuhaku Lovers
@KaynemPro Kokuhaku Lovers is a completely different story u moron with no connection to this whatsoever their only connection is they were made by the same mangaka
It makes me laugh when people try to throw morals into porn. It's a fucking fetish for a reason. It's a fucking guilty pleasure. There are some people who like little children, it's a fucking fetish. Let them have their fantasy so as long as no one is harmed.
gangbang is shit I don't like it :v
THERE IS AN ALTERNATE STORY FOR THIS CALLED KOKUHAKU LOVERS BY THE SAME ARTIST. NOTE: FROM OLIVER about Black Rubbers and Kokuhaku Lovers, I’ll quote a comment by Kurzwaltz Messer… « Apparently, this and “Black Rubbers” are paired — the Japanese titles are actually homophones! This one is 告白 meaning “Confession” and is read as “Kokuhaku”. The other one is 黒箔, which doesn’t exist in my Jap-Eng dictionary. The two Kanji symbols mean “Black” and “foil” (thin sheet metal i.e. aluminum foil), and could be read as “kokuhaku” when put together. Ore wa Shock!! That explains why one book is “pure sweet love” and the other “pure mind break”. :O »
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenk.. ntr again. zzz
can't * . ntr is life ntr is love
i loved this ^^, ntr can hurt me anymore :V
authors should put sex scene in each episode . in that case,isn't NTR quite ...um... economic? concentrate on essence
ntr is nice if you're the one doing it. It's lovely to see a woman succumbed to pleasure.
Katsurai Yoshiaki is one of the best, that art... ach i'm enjoying it so much
same here noctus i don't like it at all try reading slave wife misato the whole page it shows where the wife betraying the husband by letting a young man in her apartment and fucking her and they go every where to a mix bath and let other man fuck her and a maid cafe and letting the owner fuck her the rest well just read the whole thing and you'll know what i'm talking about
@noctus - Well I also kinda hate NTR but I usually read H-manga for the art anyways so... And as needto says you can always exclude tags from your search by adding the Minus Sign (Example: Katsurai Yoshiaki -netorare) it's also really helpful when you don't want any yaoi shit in your life (Example: eng -yaoi)
well.. its Katsurai Yoshiaki <3
noctus to resolve your problem write on search copy english -netorare paste
never could stand this genre. NTR is honestly the most disgusting category out there. watching a guy get betrayed so blatently like that, not only is it demoralizing for many men, but it implies that women are weak and will succumb to anyone with a large enough endowment and some slight skill in bed. honestly they need a filter function to EXCLUDE certain genre's from a search. I HATE NTR with a passion as it goes against EVERY value I was raised to believe in. so I am honestly getting tired of looking for a doujin, finding one that looks all right, only to find out its about some cheating skank getting off on betraying her boyfriend or husband right in front of him with some fat bastard who just so happens to have a slightly bigger dick then the boyfriend. honestly people, how is that in any way a turn on?
There needs to be two types of bbm they should be separated by Young bbm and old bbm.