(COMITIA102) [U.M.E.Project (ukyo_rst)] HEADSHOT File.01 [English] {ClemStalin}

(コミティア102) [U.M.E.Project (ukyo_rst)] HEADSHOT File.01

Artists: ukyo rst (11)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
15 pages

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BIG Howitzer
Here come a morphine. Another morphine coming up. Here another morphine. Hold on a sec, have some morphine.
sounds hot patrick lmao
I would probably keep one of these as a pet/sex slave if i were in that world. Have the teeth carefully and surgically removed, all unrequired organs removed and try to preserve her as much as possible. I would of course be immune to whatever turns them. I would treat her great, if she's docile i would even let her sleep with me in the same bed. Why not? I wouldn't mind a zombie chick's hands groping and pawing at me as i sleep(Her hands would lack any real ability to hurt me, nails would be removed and covered in bandages to hide the cover with some anti-septic material.) long as it doesn't mean i get nommed on.(Though she can gum me up if she wants, i won't mind at all.) Also would walk her around on a leash in the settlement i am in too, when out and about inside the walls because i can. ;) Anyone who even attempted to hurt her would be sorely mistaken, would get handed an ass whopping. Regular zoms get dealt with of course, but she would be an exception to me.
Reading this serie is so amusing
this series is very enjoyable