(C89) [Kaniya (Kanyapyi)] Aromagedon! + Rakugaki Bon 2014 Natsu | Alomagedon + Summer 2014 Sketch Book (PriPara) [English] [Doki Fansubs]

(C89) [かに家 (かにゃぴぃ)] アロマゲどん!+らくがき本2014夏 (プリパラ) [英訳]

Parodies: pripara (145)
Artists: kanyapyi (112)
Groups: kaniya (84)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
30 pages

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Thank You, for giving me as a member a free account. I enjoyed in looking and reading the manga. P.S. Can you "Admin's" maybe gave us "user", some kind of feature like highlght the border of the maga, if it not to trouble. To me and other "member" it will give us sign that we seen this manga. P.S.s. So, we don't have to think if we have seen it before because it take some pleasure away. Plus it, we can see other manga that you "Admin" work hard to post it in this wedsite and keep it working.