(C88) [Kaminari-neko (Eitarou)] Yamikoi -Saimin- 2 (Nisekoi) [English] [mustbedreaming]

(C88) [カミナリネコ (えーたろー)] ヤミコイ-サイミン-2 (ニセコイ) [英訳]

Parodies: nisekoi (188)
Artists: eitarou (39)
Categories: doujinshi (194,773)
27 pages

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Fite me U bitCh KUkukuku
these fucking cuckolds reached enlightentment after nuttin, went on and write an mini essay in the comment to justify their degeneracy lmao
R P G :re KYON :ore
Well If you want good looking boi go look at the gay porn anime site.... Instead of complaining why ugly bastard just enjoyed the art mthfcker fcck sucking idiot sniffing shit toilet licker
fucking ntr spoling everything
Finishing my previous comment. This is why almost every single anime harems fail and suck, and thus inadvertently helps spawn off these NTR for the overly-frustrated people. I guess harems do only belong in galge, eroge, and doujins after all. Or MAYBE, these beta cucked Japanese herbivore MCs were the problems. They were a mistake. Even GBF is going through that whole NTR jazz with Aliza and Stan. And it's not even a harem. X'D
For the people who are wondering why the ugly fat guy: Well why not? Fat ugly guys needs some love too. Besides, if you really carefully think about it, aren't most of these beta cucked harems MCs relatively good-looking? Even for a supposed "average Japanese looking male", wouldn't they be rated above a 5 at least? NTR is an equalizer. It can make justice or injustice in the right or wrong hands. I rather have an underdog ugly guy who are the true ones that actually had no chance compared to a handsome or even average beta cucks that claims they had no chance, but gets girls like crazy, like flies to a fruit, and yet they don't give a fuck in the end. The waifus are wasted on those kinds of guys. NTR and Harem goes hand in hand a lot because it's a scenario of the "haves" and "have nots"and NTR being a way for the "have not" people to get back at those that "have". In fact, those that "have" have way too many than they know what to do with, on that note...
art is pretty good but story sucks, I dunno how autor think.
Ugly bastard. God dammit NTR is ok since Raku isnt that good imo but give this manga a better and handsome man
I'm ok with NTR, but why the fat ugly guy
I totally agree with you. He's one of the WORST MC I've ever seen.
Raku is one the worst MC's and defiantly the worst thing about the manga. Wish there was some more savage NTR of this licence.
I freaking hate this hentai...it's okay if it's raku. But. This ******* guy!? No dude.
Once you watch the manga, you'll hate this hentai. -_-'
idk what this guy's on about I thought it was great
I will throughly spread the entrails of any piece of shit onto blazing pavement who fucks with the order of someone's else's love and life.