(C89) [Kurobinega (Kenkou Cross)] Mamono Musume Zukan Higai Houkoku ~Cheshire Neko no Oidemase Fushigi no Kuni~ | Monstergirl Encyclopedia Damage Report ~Cheshire's Welcome to Wonderland~ [English] [rampantserenity]

(C89) [クロビネガ (健康クロス)] 魔物娘図鑑・被害報告 ~チェシャ猫のおいでませ不思議の国~ [英訳]

Artists: kenkou cross (8)
Groups: kurobinega (8)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
25 pages

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It appears there is something in wonderland that induces psychosis, maybe a virus or bacteria unique to wonderland, or maybe it's the chemical makeup of the atmosphere there, regardless, if you plan to make the trip, I strongly suggest a hazmat suit, and additional oxygen tanks, and maybe an assault rifle just in case you need to fend off the natives
Damn boiis I want to be "mad" too
I'd role with it even if i never left who cares that's an awesome way to live
Root Felix Björn
This got me thinking, not fapping, now i want to read wonderland and inside the mirror again.
Chesire? More like CHESTire WOO up top.
I see why it got the tag mind break. Plus I wish that would happen to me, I would live it
Oh damn I sure want to fuck her hard
thats some mind fuck right there
Welp time to go down a rabbit hole then ;w;