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Lul pussies again. If u can't handle ntr go fap to your usual vanilla trash doujin
neverminding all the fapping real quick, page 212 was pretty funny
Trash artist should be ashamed
@Eons Past yes i saw that one too, long time ago. I think it was "thank you very bitch". My memory are kinda blurry, im not sure
What's with cunts and their........ I forgot, cucks. Who the fuck shares a women.
Nice scrotals...great art!👍
I hate the guy in the second story .... What an idiot
Eons Past
Trying to remember the name of a h-manga where a girl wanted to lose her virginity, i think she posted online about it or met these guys on a train. She runs away but then decides to go back and fuck these guys. It was "kinda nice", not forced and it was like a young dude, salary man(maybe) and an older dude. Can't for the life of me remember or find this. I think it was part of a tank, but could be a one shot. Any leads?
i hate this too mush i like you workings but i hate you fcking NTR i will unfollow you
Wheres the girl from the thumbnail??
Wonder which artists he's talking about in the foreword. Always gotta love artists with a good sense of humour and modesty.
how in the world i find this only now?
I like the art, but all of the stories made me really sad =/