(C89) [Kiyosumi Hurricane (Kiyosumi Hurricane)] ATTACK ON KIYOTAN (Shingeki no Kyojin)

(C89) [清炭ハリケーン (清炭ハリケーン)] ATTACK ON KIYOTAN (進撃の巨人)

Languages: japanese (176,074)
Categories: doujinshi (203,025)
34 pages

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shota pervert only in hentai
mikasa level effection for eren high but to me it's more like family that saves her,that LOV. but there was retard who say mikasa confess to eren when there almost die,but what! to me that ain't i'll like to call confess, there no words love, and i hate that weak eren, so i prefer mikasaxlevy and mikasaxjean
whatsoever,mikasa is superb with black pants n stock,awesome,i love this
if you read the manga, you will know who is Kenny and how evil he is
Two of the strongest people in the manga and show and they get capture . What fucking sense is this guy trying convey cause quite honestly this fucking retarded