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how the fuck did i get here?
Elves. Elves can get their rocks off to this.
Hot Milk 65
This makes me sick, what kind of demented fuck is so non human the can get their rocks off to this??
Can someone recommend something that has vanila
Those girls need therapy and so am I.
The fuck who made this and the one that enjoyed it need some Spain inquisition up their ass.
I watched some fucked up shit but this is to Much...
I fap to this every day.
So child rape, murder, sex slave, child birth while fucking and STILL they censor?! Why bother?
I have no words I feel sick
Dude thats fucked up
This doujin, to me is the very definition of "thats fucked up". When i first encountered it i was appalled, disgusted and horrified at what i just read. That wad like a year ago. Now, after falling head first into despair and this site's deepest and darkest pits. I've grown to appreciate this degenerate masterpiece and hail it as no.1 doujin. Funny how you grow to love the things you hated the most.
Oh boy, I already hear the inferno calling
Death to you abominations who beat their pathetic dick to this garbage.
Okay so here's the thing, i think this artist has really enjoyable art and he knows not to waste it on vanillafag shit. So there's good fucking, rape, and bitches. But what's with the fucking scat? Like holy shit maybe once is okay but does this guy have a thing for shitting? For it to be put 3 times in this Christ. Oh well I'll still favorite.
Just to realize I’m the only one liking this doujin
It sure feels nice to comeback here
I can kinda tolerate rape and NTR because that shit's everywhere in hentai, but scat and birth are just... holy shit how the fuck do they stomach drawing these lmao.
Why. Just Why. So much artistic talent, only to make this literal SHIT. Also page 29 is that a trap i see on the bottom left corner?
What the fuck is this
Why do some of best artists draw the worst shit in hentai, nigga I just want something wholesome
Shouku Komi♡
Well th Husband didn't get killed so basically he can still fuck(Torture) the HUMANS so hard that they'd wish they were dead... I'm not even gonna say this is shit. 😅 I'm really really weak to my love ones tears... So basically if I was the husband and I saw them happy with the humans I won't take them away nor kill the humans but yeah ofc I'll still take an arm or 2 but I won't kill there joy 😅 I'm just that kind of person... I guess... 😅
Netorare, Scat and DILF, the unholy trinity of tags that ruin too many doujins
The meme with the FBI may just be a meme, and this is all drawn but we are all going to hell, every last one of us.
Jesus, that's a shit ton of messed up tags for a 30 page manga
jesus fucking christ. this is one fucked up dojin...
That fucking link cameo though
Guess Goblin Slayer was Slayin Elves now
New chapter of Goblin Slayer looks interesting.
Believe or not,Years later the little elf made herslef top,runs the whole harbor,owns an industries,have tons of kids,reunion her family and been respected by those customer(lords,bishops and princes),she is kinda legend,even the stories are quite,quite wired
When I was reading this doujin, I realized that I never saw a scenario with buff elves raping humans. Weird, right...
The Ahegao God
@feline with lean Dilf stands for Dad I like (to) fuck.
Wow does anyone have a dojin with a shota elf like the one at the end in the cute thong with the trap dick hanging out if like to see a cute half elf shota taking a big dick Yes traps are gay but im only half gay because i still like girls and lolis
call me faggot
@JustOatmeal that's the thing, there are people out there that are really into that, because underage represents purity and innocence, and for some reason people like to see that being broken down. also that it is taboo to fuck the underaged and people take thrill in doing things that shouldnt be allowed. and you do know there is a fetish for shitting right? people also like that cause it rarely happens and it means she is inexperienced in handling her anal cavity being thrashed in and out by huge dicks which again, people like because of the first point.
call me faggot
@CobaltFreon good day fellow sick fuck, glad to know that there are others just like us that have strayed from the path of light
Tho seriously, I love elves so much it hurts.
I've tried to avoid this for quite some time now, because you know, this is just wrong. I'm not a fan of rape, or prostitution, especially when it involves hairy, fat gross dickheads, like come on at least draw the guy that looks cool with muscles or something. But I'm impressed, the drawings are detailed, the shades and proportions are top notch and the facial expressions are on point. But still, I don't like the story.
Seriously though, how is the little girl more valuable/popular then the mom? I mean, come on, she soiled on a few guys dicks, because, well, a little girl can't do anal, y'know?
Hentai Logic: Elf Mom: Fully Grown and mature, big boobies: Men in this hentai be like "Eh" Elf daughter: Underage, no boobies, should really be back home with her dad: Somehow more valuable then her mom. Yeah, that's totally legit.
For some time I've been avoiding this doujinshi, but now I'm glad. Fuck the thalmor
Well my dick lost its hardness reading this....... I hope that is a good sign.
Ok that was fucked up shit , What the hell are you thinking while writing this shit.
Abusive Plague Doctor
Not a fan of the pregnancy thing....
Kaiser Karl I
Se pasaron de verga con el final, pero estuvo chido la verdad
Morbo hermoso, pero exageraron en el final jaja.
That's why there's no elves nowadays.
Fucked up story aside, why can't this guy draw attractive men for the life of him? Like he's clearly capable; dude goes full dilf for the elf dad, so why does he make every other guy a fat, hairy old fucker? Who /likes/ this shit???
@loki_loli ya man, the most "Garage" shit ive seen but i liked it
I cannot fathom why ANYONE enjoys seeing beautiful girls being fucked by ugly men. What do you guys see in them? Probably yourself, fucking incels.
This is the most garage shit I seen on this site and people upload there deviant are hentai just terrible
holy shit dude what the fuck
It's funny how Japanese treat the Elfs when they are in Western fantasy the most closely related/favourite race od the Gods, japanese simple hates the elfs like we hate their Youkais, I swear if I topple with a japanese lover of Elf rapping I would smash his head on the floor and post it in 4Chan
The Ahegao God
I guess I'm the minority but I love this shit. I love the look on the daughter and mothers face getting fucked silly as the husband is forced to watch. Or how they are forced into prostitution but slowly enjoy the pleasure. And the facial expressions are top notch.
Fucking good shit, right here. The panel where the mother is holding her own daughter's legs open and offering her virginity to the good sir who bought it was so amazing! I also really liked the ending. This is the first part of a series, and it's all good (those the second chapter isn't my favorite). The third chapter is a time-skip and is the best! Nutted and the nutted again.
there was a boy with small dick when they got the baby from grandma pussy
Female elves usually get punished like this
And how come all their children are girls?? They probably killed boys at a young stage or whatever. But this is hentai, after all.
... eu to me sentindo muito culpado por ter gostado disso ... ;--; cara sou doentão
this shit make me boner
Blue Hair
Can't spell elf with rape
I want to show all the feminist this masterpiece
It's crazy how I can wank to the most bizzare things when I'm horny.
Lol i read this multiple times already to get off... oh hi satan
this is fucked up man..
Yosh~ i should probably torment myself now by bumping into this im going to find some cursed book and read it to atone for my mistakes haha im dead inside now anyways and ofcourse its for my training to become immune into this and become strong
Just when you thought it couldn’t be any worse or more graphic. I keep getting proven wrong with every page.
So now I finally found the part one of that fucked up shit, damn, now it all makes sense but it's still fucked up though
I like how people willing click and read doujins that contain content that they don't like just so they can comment about why they hate it. If only there are tags that will give any type of indication on what a Doujin contains.
This right here...this is the reason why eveyone hates weebs and looks down on the disgusting "otaku" (or whatever the fuck the shit is called) culture as a whole
Reading the retarded comments of butthurt cocksuckers who cant even read the tags is so much fun
“Oh yeah, slavery! And forced child birth incest! That’s the stuff!” Yeah no. I’m not a fan of this stuff, but to each their own I guess. Good art though 👌
I never thought I could actually bring myself to masturbate to this, but I guess you learn something new everyday.
in my head* do not get turned on by this, do not. Dammit I got turned on*
The kids keep coming and they won't stop coming and they don't stop come and they won't stop... Hey now you got kids now...
I just love when the younger elf daughters get ravaged in these rapey doujins. Its the best part. The dude didn't even start in her pussy either. Had to tear her virgin anus first. So satisfying to see that.
I used to have thing for stuff like this. Looking at it now makes me sick to my stomach. Instant turn off, fuck this.
Should i cry or laugh? I mean this is hilarious
Why is there so much elf rape
In the words of the great Rosa Parks, Nawh
This is why I hate medieval times
Its very hard to tell if the artis hates ir love elf... but hes/she art and story is good.
I simply loved this !!!!!!!
i already break my limit..........its good 10/10 would read again :)
Sr. J
+zappky In fact in the final scenes transvestite boys appear
What the actual fuck did I just watch?
@zappky there is a boy. Look closely my dude
this is very tricky be careful ppl
If i know that i am an elf in this artist's work i will bite my tongue to death with no hesitancy lol
im going to hell arent i
Whats seen cannot be unseen...
Everyday we stray futher from the god light
Guys, the story might be a little darker than it seems. I have a theory. Do you see that the adult elf mentioned that she had given birth to 15,but why does only a few of them are seen and all of them are female? Perhaps it is because the others are born as male which the slave master deem as not profitable and killed them on the spot,while keeping only the females. Or it could just be that the artist does not want to draw every single one into a page. It is a theory, a hentai theory, thanks for reading
I have irritable bowel syndrome so I pooped all over my chair while jacking off to this
read this the first time.... i still say its time for anthor crusade
Guess in the end thhey reallty wwere a faimly in fu cked up sense I must say elfs are hott!
5th time i fapped to this. Ahhhh..... Im not even human by this point and any morality i had is long since gone. Buuut it feels sooo good.
wow amazing why happy ending ???
@kamahachi @deathpovht Nhentai merely brings in whatever doujins gets released. Same case for any doujin hosting sites. Do you want to know the true source of the problem? Why not just check out pixiv and see how much more and more NTR are coming out. Of course there are some vanillas out there and proper story building. But why would artists want to build up a huge story when it would take too much time? That's the problem when you achieve high quality art. It gets harder to make mangas and stories if you have high quality style (which is why mangakas has a team to help). It's much more easier creating stories through lesser art quality means. Which is why you usually tend to see more better story building through non-AAA and indie game titles. One has to focus on one or the other. Art quality? Or story quality? Therefore going back to the good old choice dilemma of "Quality or quantity?" Not everyone can juggle both. If you find someone who can, treasure them. They are rare gems.
to be honest with you guys.... the story isn't appealing. i mean...there is no such thing as a story, just another Stereotypically elf = rape bullshit... it is very exhausting to see this elf getting raped over and over and over again. and still lots of people loves it.... it blows my mind....well for a fap material is not that bad but not that good either my penis was saying to me that he was tired of this bullshit he just couldn't handle anymore :/ even boring vanilla stories is much more interesting than this piece of crap now this is more interesting than this piece of shit. is like those transformer movies....people still give money to see that crap
The scat was such a turnoff....
This is delicious, whiny sensitive tards
Look at the amount of people favorited this thing.
Realy Nhentai were is the good old day at now is just some NRT(not even a good one) and some shitty shit like this.
Nice drawing+shitty plot n character= common Nice drawing+good plot n character=rare as fuck. Nhentai,wtf men.
Yech. Sorry, not to my taste. If you enjoy it, I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD I WILL allow you to do so peacefully.
I see why people do not enjoy this, you've looked in it so you have no rights to complain about it.
This makes me lose faith to humanity even more
ahh come on! another gangbang? R U outa Your mind? it's an abnormal thing!
Wtf! I like vanilla. Rape is shit.
I Don't Like Gangbang Tag :v
i'm suffering in bed tonight after reading this
is for things likes this Hayao Miyasaki despise them
Ho god, why? Wtf, have these fucking artist when, created, this tons' of bullshit, omg every people who see or have count in nhentai, are the same bullshit, sorry mom.
And that is why human is the worst of all the living things in planet earth
Let me join you man, though i think im just going to drink bleach since we have no ceiling fans
I want to go hang myself after reading this.
By the way, the artist is making a fricking SEQUEL to this madness.
I know, right? That last part ripped me up inside. But I still fapped to it.
"If it's elves it's not rape" -Confuncius
Their are more talented twisted manga artist than ShindoL, Seizobaru.
And I thought Shindol had a twisted mind.
were not asking that, i mean i was thinking that elves should treat humans like that im talking about the race positions being switched not the gender
What the fuck are you autists talking about? Look, no one wants to see some she-ogre or a bloated pig woman raped by effeminate male elves. Female elves are actually beautiful, so that's why they end up on the wrong end of the rape stick in these stories. Did you tards forget the purpose of porn?
I know right I hope someone will put in a hentai with elves being dominant.
Its funny only in hentai are the elves weak with no martial training. One would think that living for longer than 50 years one would think hey maybe some martial arts would suit me. And not to mention any army whos soldiers can rack up to 100 years of fighting would not realy lose to a short lived race whos soldiers are only usefull at most from 20 to 40 years of age. Anyway great fap but the story isnt. Art is amazing as usual from Nero, the guy should make a manga for gods sake.
lol elves never catch a break