(SC2015 Autumn) [Shonnaka-dou (Mitsurugi Ken)] Zoku Nee-san Route o Kill (Akame ga Kill!) [English] {doujin-moe.us}

(サンクリ2015 Autumn) [しょんなか堂 (御剱剣)] 続・姐さんルートを斬る (アカメが斬る!) [英訳]

Parodies: akame ga kill (19)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
25 pages

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What I just saw was really good two thumbs up
Otaku the Prince
Now what...the...fuck did I read
Since twintail emotionwhore didn't die in the manga, I hate it. Especially since there was no progress in relationship between mc and her, just a "and at the end they married, blyat, blyat" fk off. Twintailemotionwhore should have died. Whythefucc did Schere sacrificed herself for that!? Thank god for the anime! That should stay as one single season. End. Esdese's spirit rapes Tatsumi's spirit while Leona's spirit is forced to witness everything. Twintailemotionwhore's spirit stays stuck in her broken body unable to move, unable to speak, just existing as a burden until the age of a granny. I shall be merciful and allow her to move again in her exactly last 2 seconds. Maybe even 3 sconds. (btw. after a while, Esdese allows Leona to join her in a spirit-threesome.)
...I am imagining Leone and Tatsumi fucking with his dragon body.
This anime has scarred me for life I need a season 2 to it other than that very good one of my favs
Shinsei Mylon
I like to think that this is an alternate reality where they managed to kill all of their enemies(Wild Hunt, Three Beasts, etc) and can finally relax and "have fun." I like the idea of Tatsumi x Leone but I'm more a Tatsumi x Esdeath guy. Still a good doujin 10/10 will read again.
Sad. Im still at episode 12 at this series
damn, why is there no Akame on here?
I wish it was Leone who won his heart...
That ending was a bit ironic
Death Flags, Death Flags everywhere. Great, now I need a drink.
I live for the simple things in life, like fucking a girl with animal ears.