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He cum do much she barfed cum fuckin golden win man
I want more!! 10/10 fap worthy
Man the dialogue feels like an old English dub for a comedy anime
this ahegao is by far the best thing I've ever seen.
I fucking love his/her ahegao's. Jesus.
Oral Fetishist
Part 3 was translated 2 months ago??! FUCK I can't believe I missed this....Fuck yeah FUE THE ORAL GOD!!!!!
fue? bruh, from the very beginning. Anyone knows if he has been animated?
This person is in his/her own league when it comes to blowjob scene omg
Fue is the god of hentai. I came 34 oceans at rhe time Matoshi came in the loli milf. Best thing in the goddamn world
Mirza Maleik
censorship is a fucking crime :/
Loli justice *A* dick stopped working
Yep coming from Fue, makes excellent work here, and when it comes to oral stuff, on top of the roof, good story, good art and good fap, my 3 things in need, wished their was more though.
Fucking hell. This.was.the.best.Fue.work.yet. There needs to be an all the way through tag though @_@
Fue is love, Fue is life.
;-; This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
That last page is hilarious
fue is at it again still the best oral artists off all time no just one of the best hentai artists off all time this one is definitely one of the best that fue ever made and that's saying something still love fue just as much as the first time i say their godlike art and oral drawing's but is the third the last chapter of this masterpiece or not because i hope they do another chapter can't get enough of this hentai manga
Praise Fue-sama! Dead ass, this may just be my favorite manga. Milf, Loli, Milf Loli, Sisters, anal, harem, everything. Fucking beautiful.
I really need some kind of 'Male Moaning' tag so I can stalk it til I die. All hail Fue!!
Fue still got it, def the best in the business when it comes to oral
Love this so far, I just hope they don't go any hardcore paths. Also still the best oral I have seen so far!!! :D
Well, I find the mother pretty boring.
Fue-sama delivers again
this doujin is LIT AS FUCK FAM
Censors is even more of a shame when the main thing is blow jobs. Some really great ones in this series.
such a marvelous doujin , i would ask more for it GUD SHIETTTTT
Ah...yes of course the last one is Loli...and not only that a milf? damn ALL HAIL FOR JUSTICE MILF LOLI BANZAI! Continuation please hope that's not the end :(
♠ TruePsylent ♠
Holy shit this is awesome the last part that loli Milf is fvcking hot and cute at the same time i came reading that part!