(C86) [NiseMIDIdoronokai (Ishikei)] Mikan AX (To Love-Ru) [English] [Belldandy100] [Decensored]

(C86) [偽MIDI泥の会 (石恵)] MikanAX (ToLOVEる -とらぶる-) [英訳] [無修正]

Parodies: to love-ru (1,219)
Characters: mikan yuuki (406)
Artists: ishikei (204)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
17 pages

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@Nardack: I remembered an article in Sankaku Complex that Ishikei & Kentaro Yamabuchi actually met in a Comiket. If i remember correctly, Kentaro really appreciate Ishikei's doujins, & many fans hope that the two of them will actually collaborate and create an ultimate ecchi manga.
It's funny that he can get away with drawing this seeing as he drew official art for the series.
Uncensored Ishikei 10/10