(C87) [LUCKY CLUB (Kousaka Jun)] BBS NOTE 2014 WINTER - Cameraman wa Mita! (Pokemon) [English] [Colorized]

(C87) [LUCKY CLUB (香坂純)] BBS NOTE 2014 WINTER カメラマンは見た! (ポケットモンスター) [英訳] [カラー化]

Parodies: pokemon (647)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
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If Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann could have the body of a Goddess while being literally 14 years old, I don't see any reason to not believe in Jessi being 16 years old what with her glorious body. Also, asking a lady for her age is kinda rude and make its difficult for you to get any, if you know what I mean :-) Also unlike Yoko who aged into a big breasted grandma, Jessi won't ever have that problem since Ash has also not aged in all this years, if he ever will. That means you get to fantasize about a hot teenager who will forever be 16! ... and that's​ a good thing 😎
@Mikeachu Do you really care with that body?
Or so she says. Do you really believe her?
Old lady? Jessie is 16 year old........