(C90) [Eight Beat (Itou Eight)] Uraraka Ura Fuuzoku | Uraraka's Behind-the-Scenes Prostitution (Boku no Hero Academia) [English] [Glittering Translations]

(C90) [エイトビート (伊藤エイト)] うららか裏フーゾク (僕のヒーローアカデミア) [英訳]

Artists: itou eight (117)
Groups: eight beat (33)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
30 pages

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Wait Deku has Emi? As in Miss Joke Emi? I haven’t read the manga so I’m just lost here. But he does have a Toga who’s horny af for him. Plus Uraraka’s just gonna go back to him anyways for his dick. She just had to fuck bakugou for the money.
Sal   ‍
I fucking love NTR, but i am way too much of a Dekuraka shipper to enjoy this...
I mean deku still has toga and emi so sink that shitty ship deku x uraraka and sail toga x deku or deku x emi
We need more Uraraka prostitution type stuff
I want a part two! This was pretty good, I don't think the Bakugou part ruined it.. just the Mineta part ;;;
I’m more upset iida didn’t get tagged in this... who knows how many doujins I’m missing out on with him in it! ;_;
Editor's note says "please don't tag it as shotacon" ... gets tagged shotacon. lol
Sal   ‍
One of the best MHA Doujinshis i've seen... though, i feel bad for poor old Izuku at the end. The nigga got cucked
Man, since there is too many yaoi doujins in this anime, I think I'll just stick with this one for a while.
mob kun
Only villains enjoy this
this is indeed NTR just covered by prostitution
Personally think prostitution on volution =/= NTR.
For anyone interested, Bakugou's bill was 10 Million Yen (Around $91,400). Sex was stated to be 30,000 yen ($274). 10 Mil / 30k = 333.333(repeating) meaning he fucked her over 300 times at standard price. Since the number don't add up to each other correctly, we can assume Bakugou was either given a higher charge or discount. At a higher charge of 40,000 Yen, he fucked her 250 times. At a discount of 20,000 yen (More likely, since Bakugou would blow up a bitch for charging him extra and she was lovin that D) he fucked her 500 times.
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i like how bakugo raped her hard but went into a big debt. its like nami wrote this or something XD
Come on, this is not NTR, she doesn't even care to prostitute, it was her easy way.
I just wanted to fap, but noooo let's destruct my soul
wow .... i feel so bad for izuku. this fcking doujin changed my view for the anime, i love the anime but wow. fcking kacchan is a bastard .. the ending was very unsatifying.
I fucking hate NTR, but the art is so on point.
After this, I want Izuku to get his own doujin. That ending just wasn't fair. Only he didn't some. Man...
@Balltwister: He finally fucked Yaoyorozu. If there was a time Mineta deserved to get shit on, this would be it.
"Please don't post it as shotacon" -Shotacon tag
Probably the only decent BNHA hentai out there...
This doujinshi is awesome
Finally ! I waited forever for this translation and It's finally hère !