(COMIC1☆3) [DIRTY (Yosuke)] ZETSURIN ANGEL (Various) [English] [N04h]

(COMIC1☆3) [DIRTY (ヨースケ)] ZETSURIN ANGEL (よろず) [英訳]

Artists: yosuke (26)
Groups: dirty (4)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
26 pages

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Black Santa
Pit be relatable af and Link still got ptsd from his first time with Ganon it seems
Angelic Antiquity
Pit is massively out of character and the style is just so off-putting. Heck, everyone's out of character except Mario.
I have questions: 1, was the author drunk?
Pit you asswipe why the hell are you like this? Lol
Mario was the only normal character in this whole manga...