[Satuyo] Fukurokouji no Loli Bitch | Loli Bitch in the Alley (COMIC LO 2016-10) [English]

[さつよ] 袋小路のロリビッチ (COMIC LO 2016年10月号) [英訳]

Artists: satuyo (33)
Categories: manga (64,356)
22 pages

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Sooooooo hot!! Damn this would be a great memory! Love little loli's who know what they like! How could you say no?!?!
I hate peepers but still this doujinshi is awesome.
Legendary loli bitch?! ( ̄ー ̄)ゞ
I don't care, 500 or 5000 year old succubus, if it's a cute loli succubus it's aight in my book.
It's still one of the best skills ever, no matter how narrow its applications.
"You have a gift for fucking children!" That's a hell of a line. Also that's a rather narrowly applicable skill.
Now that is a Lolicon's dream! A horny little girl who knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to get it! Well done!
Plot-twist. She's actually a 500 year old succubus after his life to enslave him. Only in anime and doujins :^
Junko Affairs
Please God Fucking PLEASE. Bless me with a amazing timestop or trapped in a jungle doujin. I hardly ever ask for anything BUT PLEASE GOD!!!!!!!