(C91) [Shimapan (Tachibana Omina)] P5 Harlem (Persona 5)

(C91) [しまぱん (立花オミナ)] P5ハーレム (ペルソナ5)

Parodies: persona 5 (79)
Groups: shimapan (22)
Languages: japanese (129,652)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
44 pages

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he needs to make a naruto/hinata one with hinata making 6 clones. or her and tsunade make 3 clones each. epic. also one piece with luffy and hancock, nami, robin, viola, rebecca and vivi all at once. that would be the best given their designs.
This is glorious doujin, to combine two things I like. Love it
Amazing..... (but it's missing Futaba) Can'( wait to enjoy it translated
Our lord and savior tachibana has blessed us with a p5 doujin. It's too good to see untranslated. I shall wait until the English translation is out till then my brothers have fun. Since it's tachibana the translation will probably be out just as fast as they were for the fire emblem one.
Holy. Omina make a persona doujin