(C91) [Raijinkai (Haruki Genia)] Tawawa no Kanshoku (Getsuyoubi no Tawawa) [English] [Mikakunin]

(C91) [雷神会 (はるきゲにあ)] たわわの感触 (月曜日のたわわ) [英訳]

Characters: ai-chan (12)
Groups: raijinkai (169)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
26 pages

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good thing they didn't put the Lewd stuff on the short anime series. its just a porn and must be put on hentaihaven not on the anime sites.
Dat blue toned pages. Oh author you...hehehe.
It is you're healthy not your healthy
i can't boner now,fuck i can't feel my leg
変態 少年
My dick now can rest finaly
ugh, i can finally satisfy the frustration i get from the series!!!
yo angry tentacles, i know dat feel~
slightly fap material but i am way past vanilla to get a turn on... i have been desensitize and only reacts to rape, ntr, tentacles, mind break and mind control genres but also stomach bulge, ahegao, huge insertion, gaping, birthing, cervix penetration, nipple fuck and unbirth.. so yeah.. i am a broken sick fuck now cause of my genre preferences... AND DONT JUDGE ME!! WHEN SOME PEOPLE FAP ON TRAP AND YAOI!!!(VOMITING at that thought)
what a coicidence i just finished the "anime" and the 2 ovas
That was pretty quick. He should have done volume 2 in the bluescale also.