[Mojo] My Wives Ch.1-44 (English)

Artists: mojo (21)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
740 pages

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I'm soo sad :( What kind of ending was that? u.u
hey guys it should be a happy end and did u see the last scenes? that woman is in front of the in window,and its where his lover lives.6 Months her hair grows longer.
so he ends up with no one.... ok thats just a sad ending.. in a way i guess he start his new? wife? lol well hopefully that the girl is pragnant with his baby since hes been cumming in her who knows how many times already haha xD still sad thou
Story was good up until the ending
LOL. What a POS ending. Like I understand the other 2 finding someone new, but you're going to let the main chick just marry another dude. Especially one that looks like he's a super douche?