[Yamakumo] Closet ~Osananajimi no Shinjitsu~ | Closet ~The Truth About my Childhood Friend~ [English] [sureok1]

[山雲] クローゼット~幼馴染の真実~ [英訳]

Artists: yamakumo (17)
Categories: doujinshi (179,815)
31 pages

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This type of NTR just baffles me. Even after the MC found out that his 'girl' was taken by someone, he just sits there and do nothing about it. Technically they were not in a relationship. Just some one sided love. So it's not even NTR. The MC is just delusional and thinks that they both share an intimate relationship just because they are childhood friend, just a natural born cuck and thinks that he can win that girl without doing anything. I don't even feel bad for this MC seriously.
https://jav.guru/39479 live action
I decided hey maybe not all ntrs are bad but NOPE
loved the art good series so far
The Ahegao God
#Nopulloutgang #BallsDeep#NoMercy
Why the fuck is there a live action, I feel like I know the answer but is just to stupid to comprehend.
My heart hurts man, i feel hard to breathe..
Hopefuly there will be a part 3 because that was nice
There is a chapter 0 thats a prequel to this one. Hopefuly there will be a part 3
Is there more please say yes.
Man, I usually like NTR, but this pissed me off too. You just don't fuck with childhood friends! As if its's not bad enough they never win lol.
Muy bueno, estaba esperando la traducción, se nota que Rinka la esta pasando bien jejejeje, y el pobre infeliz viéndola ser cogida desde el armario jajajaja.
So do I have this correct? This is the sequel to the other one. Although this should be read first as it came out first and the prequel read second? Moreover, so the girl that likes taknashi, or pretend to like him to rinka was just playing along with the senpai's plan so he could fuck rinka? She didn't actually like takanaishi in the first place. However rinka does. But out of respect, she tried to help that bitch. Even when she was lying.
The ending I think Mind break..!
Fuckin awesome. Senpai showing kouhai how it is done. Fukin pussy.
Chill the fuck out dude, if you don't like it don't open this shit yoo. You also can black list this tag from your fucking account :^)
every fucking time there's a translated ntr, shit just goes down eh, like people here have no chill
Belkan Pilot
so many ntr related debate in the comment section
@azninjazn that's not what ntr is you moron, the correct definition is "NTR is the act of having someone YOU LOVE taken away from you" and in this case it's obvious the mc loves the girl.
I bet when she realise that he knows and becomes distant from her,she will turn into a broken cumdump.
So what will he do now he found out,they stop being friends? She does not feels guilty lol need to see her guilty face pls.
His face on page 30 lmao
Reality is so windows vista this is hentai the less sense it makes the more hotter it is unless it doesnt appeal to me at all then its pure crap
I know this is fiction so I shouldn't expect what usually would happen in real life, but would a dose of reality kill this story? the guy had the complete element of surprise on them, he literally caught them with their pants down, it wouldn't have made it any less NTR if the childhood friend used his intelligence to snap a shot or record the two doing the act and then showed it to her mom or used at leverage against the scumbag or he maybe man up and went Chuck Norris over that guy's candy a$$ (Like how Asato goes apesh*t in some of the endings of the Triangle Blue VN)...
But then again i like netorare and i like really good art style and this art feels kinda off to me so i'm not gonna fave it even thou it doesnt look that bad i may just be over exaggerating and stuff but don't understand much about whats happening in it so that kinda makes it not appeal to me to even if the tags are to my liking i don't come here to use my brain on a hentai unless i'm reading guro or something like that but i came to fap
i said they were never that serious about each other and mean the girl wasn't that serious about the guy he got friendzoned and if she had sex with him its most likely he got used its obvious shes gotta be the kinda girl that does that
It does not matter if the mc feels something they were never that serious about each other and was never progressing relationship in the way you guys think it was it was one sided like azninjazn said ntr is the act of having someone taken away from you by another that is ntr the other guy made the first move that's all it is and she obviously liked it in the end if the other guy made the first move he might of won her first but bitches in hentai are all the same story they fall for the bold huge dicks fast
NTR is the act of having someone taken away from you, MC didnt lose her because she wasnt his in any way in the first place
Red Bug
anyone have good ones like this one.
This is netorare because even though they are not a couple, the author implies that they could have been because he feels something for her
This is some good shit, Yosiura Kazuya tier, I need more.
Not NTR, they weren't in a relationship, but everyone already said that.
@knightsabre2k ""NTR means that there had to have been some kind of mutual connection between a pair before the girl gets stolen" There is absolutely no such meaning in NTR and you are full of shit and making up things as you go. As a proof of what I say there are ntr works with only a platonic love on male's side and girl doesn't feel for him anything at all. AS LONG AS THERE IS FEELING OF LOVE TOWARDS A SIGNIFICANT OTHER THERE CAN BE NTR. LOVE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE MUTUAL AND COULD BE ONE SIDED AS WELL. IN NTR THE IMPORTANT THING IS HOW IT MAKES THE GUY FEEL TO SEE HIS OBJECT OF LOVE STOLEN BY OTHERS LEARN IT U RETARDS
*sighs* NTR means that there had to have been some kind of mutual connection between a pair before the girl gets stolen. Since there is nothing beyond a 1 sided crush between the weak guy & girl in this story, it isn't NTR. Now, there is a prequel story to this which inserts stuff about the girl also fancying the childhood friend so that retroactively makes this an NTR story but as a standalone, it isn't NTR. Jerk just got to the girl first. And, at this point, if there is a proper sequel to this story, I don't see it ending in any way other than a mind break.
What about you google netorare then, you fucking idiot.
I see that those retards who don't know jack shit about ntr came again claiming this is not ntr. IThere doesnt have to be a realtionship between two people for it to be ntr you fucktards, as long as the guy has feelings of love towards a girl it becomes ntr when somebody else fucks that girl and girl enjoys it, of course it doesnt have to be guy's girlfriend, it could be guy's wife, mother, platonic love etc. As long as there is feelings of love and if the object of that love is stolen by some guy or guys it is ntr you morons. Savvy? Leaving that aside I feel that in the next chapter the guy will also fuck girl's mother as well.
either way a part 3 is welcomed
It still has some elements of NTR in it because the POV is from the weak pussy ass MC. But honestly, it wasn't NTR because they were not together in the first place, it's just trying to make you feel bad from the MC's POV
They were never in a relationship to begin with, so it's not netorare
this was not NTR nigga was just in love with a hoe
@ShogunTanuki how is this shit not netorare? fucking peace of shit, this is obvs neto. .l.