(C91) [AGOITEI (Sankuro)] Seishun Yousoro (Love Live! Sunshine!!) [English] [STTS]

(C91) [AGOI亭 (三九呂)] 性春ヨーソロー (ラブライブ! サンシャイン!!) [英訳]

Characters: you watanabe (58)
Artists: sankuro (46)
Groups: agoitei (42)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
23 pages

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>No Money >Take a photo of an idol C'mon guys, you can figure the reason they broke up had you bothered to think for more than a nanosecond
Wow, that is pretty sad, he's still in love with her, but i'm gonna predict the true end, this two just join again for work after years, they just talk about the past, they drink, they fallen in love again. End.
The sequel shown that she become slut
You Watanabe
Why am I so darn adorable!?
zeph tinder
genre = gives you sadness
we need a sequel smh.
the only thing we can do its praise for a sequel
Damn,is already painful watch your waifu nailed by someone, but that ending was sad, though
You in the first grade academy. Then she decided be an school idol. The main rule is not have a couple. Then, she broke up. :,(
If I was to hazard a guess as to why they broke up, it's because "Idols are not allowed to be in a relationship" I think this was pre-Aqours, as the guy said "she started a new club activity"
An explaination of why they broke would make this a lot better. The sudden break up is just a cheap way to make a sad ending.
Some people assume that the first years of youth are just a phase, and anything done on them are just memories to be remembered but not taken as serious decisions to the adult life. Yes, it's a stupid way to think, and in most cases those are just self excuses to be careless and selfish, but it's a common way of thinking and probably will ever be.
Never seen my buddy go into hiding so fast DISAPPOINTEDDDDDDD
Ending was beyond stupid. Pacing wasn't that bad, but it was obvious where it was trying to go. I really wanted to assume this is a commission that ran out of money, and not just laziness.
Call me crazy, but maaaaaybe You broke up with him because he took a lewd picture without her permission. Just a thought.
The ending was absurd and this story felt way too rushed.
Wow! Least favorite girl gets a good story. The author must a real fan of her.
How the name of the hentai gif in the top?
Xa Storme
When hentai is so interesting you care more about the story than the sex
When the mangaka tries to make it sad but is to lazy to flesh the relation out. This is what happens. An ending that looks like it's been writen by a 12 year old who does not know how love works.
A love story that gave me a boner.... Still tho why DID they broke up damn it?!
this makes me sad and happy at the ame time
WHAT??? THE HELL is with this ending? Why the hell did they break up, I mean he obviously loves her...
Well that escalated quickly.
Should at least explain why they broke up......
??? That doesn't make sense. What made them broke up? :S