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You know the Economy is all kinds of fucked when a spiritual monster has to drive a taxi to make ends meet.
I don't fucking get that ending, What is with that face Hachishaku-sama do in the ending? Did she become murderous and want's to kill the MC? Is that all an Illusion from the MC??!? I JUST DON'T GET IT!
So I just finished watching the animation for this- Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri Igyou Kaikitan- The Animation 1 & 2..and, aside from 1 or 2 of the side stories, have to say this is strangely one of the sweetest pieces Ive ever read. Unless Im just interpreting it completely wrong, the cab driver seems to be the ghost the guy is looking for (at least thats how the anime seems to present it) and he cares for her whether he lives or dies because of it. I mean think about it..throughout his life, shes been a source of comfort, indescribable pleasure and warmth for him so..why wouldnt he fall for her? Perhaps she is indeed an administrator of death, but in his case, something else happens instead...he ends up falling in love with her. Eh...maybe its just my want of a happy ending but..imma apply the happily ever after tag to this one. Made me smile! (>_<)/
Nice. A hentai vers of mythical legends.
Wheres the horror tag and why netorare? There was none
The cow part makes me slightly uneasy
I vomit at the cow part. It ruins a good piece of be hentai
This one is actually really good. Especially the stories and the ending was pretty much what I expected. I would rate it a 11/10
the cars, the cow and the monky i really fell disgusting and scary but thi other is fine and a little bit sad ,I do not even know if it's a happy ending, and I'm curious about ghost women, their story is confusing what happened to them? because they come out as scare birds, They killed them ?? That's why they want to avenge? and the story of Kankandara i feel sad for her so she love him now? is ending happy? ..i hope so QmQ
I have two things that I hated the scary af monkey dream. And that I wanted them to fuck in the car.
Oh god, wish i found this sooner. Story Time!
I shouldn’t have read this at night, guess i’m staying up
This is a sad shit .... The boy was waiting for HER the whole time But it was funny that they are competing each other with stories...
im so fuckin shook rn wtf
The story's so good. Now i feel horny and shit
This doujin awakens my evil side and arise my dark fetish
I swear I've seen this animated before
there needs to be a specific 'fear boner' tag
as a huge fan of junji ito, this is as close as it gets to him writing a hentai doujin.
I was really expecting them to make out at the end
So it was like, hard, not hard, hard, not hard, and definitely, not hard
Honestly even without the hentai part I can still enjoy this alot, this is actually the few times I am fully invested with the many stories. Crazy mad stuff but I do love it.
Miyashita Naomi
I suppose the husband of michiyo is going to massacre all the villagers
Masterpiece! The author really knows his way to draw mature women. We still need a continuation on what they would do from that moment on.
Reminds me of junji Ito but sexy. Great manga! Ending was a little predictable but it worked for me.
Well that turned out to be surprisingly wholesome. Just two lost lovers reuniting with a mutual love of maybe real horror stories.
oops you're not mom
Wow, good ending is not what I would have expected.
The Ahegao God
In my opinion the girl getting petrified by that mannequin and becoming a statue was absolutely terrifying. The one with the villagers allowing a bull to rape the pregnant women in front of the husband and then turning her into a damn cow is equally terrifying. Of course that twist at the end just makes things more ironic and scary. Truly a great series of stories that will keep me coming back.
I can't sleep after watching this.
What an interesting read.. I'm really here to fap but this was actually nice.
If Hasshaku-sama like some one, they will die within a few days, he's still alive so I guess that was a good end
maaaaan, the cow part....
God damn imagine her riding him in that car... Also in the ending either she showed her true form and is gonna kill him or maybe won't use illusions to make him love her anymore cuz of tru love? Idk... Or or or he finally saw her for wut she truly is like the other adults and she can only really trick kids cuz she's a white van with candy inside type of pedo and her saying popo is just her being scared of the police and constantly watching her ass before they take her child snatching business out.
i hate the cow one but it all was them telling each other story's that's pretty cool
I wanted to fap at the remember in the car...
The bull nutted on the babies head lmaoooo
All of them are great stories except for the cow one,i was not expecting that kind of ending too and it would be nice to see them doing it in the car
The cow part is what the fuck
Even I would like a happy ending like that
The horror... The HORROR... The horror.......
This is a fucking masterpiece!
Ah...Uh...Disturbing you could say...I guess?
It’s a good ending: Hachishaku sama’s just a yandere that’s all. She’s really gentle and maternal to him. Remember how the driver picks him up in the rain? She’s always with him even after he left the village, just waiting for him to change his mind before actually appearing before him again. Now that he’s back, the ghost face should just be a joke. I mean, she just seems like such a decent big sister...
Holy shit this is actually really good
Baasit i know ur reading this right now
Red fucker
This is so sick ! I am not gonna fap on this
gourcuff 08
You can't just leave us on cliffhanger Jyoka, please make a conclusion with Hasshaku-Sama and the boy :'(
Wow, what a twist ending. That wasn't obvious from the beginning.
Pentagram Industries
Fucking cliffhanger of an ending. I don't how Japanese mythology works but I'm gonna assume he got a happy ending with her. Also, who's here because of episode 2?
The only reason is because of how the art was made, it was intentional horror with sex, Toshi Densetsu's art is not like that but I like the art better, Hashaku in Toshi Densetsu was more of a beauty and cutie than this one. Now imagine the artist of Toshi Densetsu makes a horror sex version of it , the art is the same but now with horror elements like this one.
Well, after watching the Hentai again... maybe it is a definite Happy Ending... because they also say that Hachishaku "always" focuses on Children... and A Kun is meanwhile an Adult and she still is after him... so either she really loves him and its a Happy End or maybe if someone got bewitched from her, he will be cursed for the rest of his live and she will always try to kill that person even if the Kid that got bewitched is an Adult in the meantime...
i'am really wondering if it is a Happy End. I mean the relatives saw her as the creepy Ghost while he saw her as a beautiful Woman. And while she says she loves him its maybe just a trap, maybe the Ghost seduced her prey and later kills them... I mean they sayd that who gets bewitched gets killed slowly, so it maybe takes a few days or so. Maybe those who get Bewitched really get seduced and get killed later, but maybe A Kun was an exception and she really loved him and wont harm him. I would say its a Happy End if we would see her as the Beautiful Woman in the Car, but seeing her as the Ghost looks more like she revealed her true form to him or that he still see's her as the Beautiful Woman but we see her as the Ghost which should show us that she will kill him... Maybe he see's her Ghost/Real from at the End and knows he will die but is happy that his suffering will end. I'am really Split, if its a Happy End or not...
Sometimes I cry like the kid in this manga because I want Hachishakusama to be my protector. I would never leave her! :(
I just watched the preview for episode 2. It'll be so damn good! There are some parts we don't yet see in the manga...
Why the fuck is my ding-dong hard...even though its a horror doujin....
I'm glad I am not the only one that got fucking terrified. I want more and uncensored would be awesome too but I would like more though.
Im too a pussy to fap to this. Fuck me. The Po Po Po scared the shit out of me. reading this past midnight was terrible idea.
Man, Jyoka's stuff is some of the only few where I can just sit there and not fap. The artwork is aesthetically pleasing and the storytelling is engaging. Another one of their works I tried looking for but didn't see here:
a second episode is being made. if they ever animate the pregnant woman turning into a cow I will die
Might just shit myself when this gets animated....
This is so good that I just had to leave a comment! Well Done.
I want one more part where A-kun and hasshaku sama have sex again after like... 12 years
Perfect combination of good story and beautiful art. I love this!
Do you guys know any other artist like this one? Please give me some clue, I really like his stories also his painting style. THANK YOU!!!
Although the last page is frightening, it is seen from our view. The passenger still see a beauty, and he says I come back, means he could finally live with HASSHAKU-SAMA. So still a happy end, right?
Here because the second episode of the ero anime was announced. There truly is a god.
Dadica i totally agree with u bro LMFAO
this is more quality entertainment than it is fap material
One of the best i have read, but i got a question, she was supposed to kill the person bewitched, but she fall in love so she didnt kill him, instead she become some kind of yandere lover ghost? also she already knew he was coming because i am pretty sure that the reason his bike broke and his cell phone was out of range was her doing, so She went to pick him up. Pretty good and heavy love!
Masterful story telling, favorite was the first one.
Read this in the middle of the night, never doing it again( i literally shat my pants) 100% would fap again during day time.
This really feels like a happy ending to me imo. While weird and disturbing in certain parts, I rather enjoyed this Doujin, the art was gorgeous and some of the stories were a real turn on my favourite being Hasshaku - sama and the snake lady with 6 arms, not surprising since monster girl, older ladies and tall woman are some of my favourite fetishes.
It's understandable, one you get some walls like that you know that nothing can compare. That other girl is going to give the gynecologist nightmares.
I always wondered how a hentai manga written by Junji Ito would be. This is exactly what I had in mind
What the heck is tihs!! I couldn't even get a boner
Nerd Letter
I called it! From the very beginning, I knew that guy in the cab was the boy! FUCKING CALLED IT I TELL YOU!
For the love of god! What is the meat grinder?!
That's a happy ending for me. 10/10!
It's a 10/10 hentai manga. The writer is a genius. For the First time in my life any horror manga gave me the goosebumps. I expect more horror hentai mangas from him in the future.
The animated version of Volume 1 and the last volume is Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri
amazing read. tho frankly i ended up being flaccid and just read for the story lol
what she says on page 37 is so sad, i hope in the end she doesnt kill him and just takes him back
This manga will give me a pleasure and a nightmare
is there any colored ver. of this?
Wtf, the cow part was fucking disturbing
like, the man told stories which were bearable (the most extreme was the mannequin) but the woman was sick as fuck, the monkey dream was not even porn
You know, I guess you could call that a good ending since they're so close.
i couldn't even get a fear boner...godamn
Damn. I nut every chapter.
never in my life i cum with horror story...
Creepy it might be, but I see it as a happy end. It makes me think that the stories are basically the guy's "search" of Hasshaku and Hasshaku's stories are, well, her "acquaintances"
let me see them fuck in the car now pls
Buncy Buncy
Wow I like the last ending.
I suddenly remembered my forgotten password here just to add this to my favorites
I would love more on this series!
Its good that hasshaku came back for him or rather he came back to her,i think she was tryna be a mom /girlfriend wich is really sweet. 10/10!
I love the ending...but i love to know what happened after the last scene
how tf did i miss this good thing i was just searching through tags.......... damn is it really over? i feel a deep connection with this prolly cuz i was there since ch.1 to now, i will forever love this. I want some extra pages of them fucking
I can't tell if I'm supposed to get creeped out or strangely happy about the ending, but all I can say is: what a taxi.
Dang it's done, is it messed up I see her when I close my eyes now
.... think im in love with tall ghost lady .__.
the dead knight
Nice job tea that ending was cool hope there is more
Sequel! Sequel of them fucking in the car I say!
Noob Jetstream
I have fear boner with i dash horny...
that's beautiful :D 10/10
1st time i cry a little in hentai, the 4th story i mean.
so is it a good ending or a bad ending?
Arouse by horror? Horroused
It's sad that it's done, but I enjoyed it. I like horror, and ecchi makes it even better!
what's the name of the animation
I'm actually upset this is done :(
Welp. There goes my boner. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight.
Damn! Finally, it’s done. This is a class by itself, this was completely incredible… I love to read these kinds of stories!
fat nut
The animation only covered the first story if I recall.
The ending was so great.
So... the guy was raped by Hachishaku-sama at the ent? He got po po po'd up his ass
Saw that ending from a mile away but still a fantastic fap to a great story. Although the Cow Head one was a bit of a bonor killer
I knew it it ^__________^
It only the first story
*Sees the dude with huge dilated pupils* AH HELL NAW!
there's an animation of this, but I've never actually seen it, so I dont know how many episode it is, or hwat parts of the story it does cover.
the dream story could make a good movie
Well, now we need to see them doing it on the car.
What a Time to be Alive.