[MTSP (Jin)] Kokoro no Kaitou no Josei Jijou (Persona 5) [English] [biribiri] [2017-02-18]

[MTSP (Jin)] 心の怪盗ノ女性事情 (ペルソナ5) [英訳] [2017年2月18日]

Parodies: persona 5 (105)
Artists: jin (114)
Groups: mtsp (95)
Categories: doujinshi (143,895)
28 pages

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megami tensei
This story is shit no one wants to read your fantasy cuckold when in real life your a middle aged virgin
When all you want is an NTR where Sugimura is forced to watch in secret as Akira does Haru with Akira aware Sugimura is watching but Haru isn't. But such a doujin you cannot find RIP.
Way too much text, damn I wasn't looking for a novel.
yo what an awful ending that fucker need go all the way in smh
Lol it's Jin the ntr dick master anyway. It's obvious how stupid the story gonna goes
@mike pence Stop projecting your hypocritical feelings netocuck
Mike Pence
Aww the shrimp-dicked netocucks re-uploaded it due to hurt fee-fees in the comments. Pathetic!
is this bitch the ntr mascot ?