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So close, and yet so far away ;_;
Too much femdom for my taste. Hopefully, MC takes control.
Stopped when I saw this man licked his own cum of of the tits...
I know a lot of people liked it but the plot got a bit repetitive for me
Silver Legion of Hentai
I low key want him to impregnant them all.
The captain and the big tit girl are the best girls. Would be lovely to see those 2 impregnated
kind of silly they translated the original magazine print when theres already an artist collection print thats less censored and with extra panels
O.O guys you might have not notice but the last page, the last 2 panels are different from the original, like a total different scene https://nhentai.net/g/194196/126/ the author must have changed it for the tankoubon
Dem! This Lucky Bastard is living the life that we covet...!