(C62) [Sanketsushuu (Sanzui)] Mahaman (Spirited Away) [English] [ATF]

(C62) [酸欠集 (さんずい)] まはまん (千と千尋の神隠し) [英訳]

Parodies: spirited away (12)
Characters: chihiro ogino (7)
Artists: sanzui (36)
Categories: doujinshi (147,126)
31 pages

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@Greedsloli That's actually just a rumor, it's not true. The bath house in Spirited Away is just that, a bath house.
Funny thing is, Spirited Away is about how young girls would use their bodies for the customers, thats what her job was, but they did the movie a bit differently.
figgers, there's only 1 eng spirted away comic on this site and its the guro 0ne