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Re watch the animation of this and damn I enjoy it and your art style is great
Mr. Ero-Jin
This is damn good. Like the animation anyway since it follow through. Two more episode left!
And once again FMC of the Twin Ball Attack story Asakura gets the most boring and short sex scene compared to the rest.Author probable became tired by the time he reached at that point.
just search for this after watching anime adaption
Wow mr author please make more mangas with long arc loke this with these tags, harem big/huge breasts, incest (sister, aunt, cousin)
Junko Affairs is a pussyass faggot
@Junk Affairs, I used to think like you but I mean when people get old they get all ugly , short and saggy. What does it matter really? we need to live now the present
Junko Affairs
Don't be a faggot you know what I mean @phdchristmas When im reading these tanks & doujin I can't help but think "Fast forward 40 years so I can see what she looks like now with those things". But I understand why folks like them in tanks and shit. I personally love those over the top body styles that rebis does with the huge ass & huge tits. It's all aesthetics in doujin but it doesn't carry over to reality. Shit would look disgusting in the real world.
nah tits good n all butt nothing beats a phat ASS..... rather see a fat ass with small titties than big tits n a flat butt........ass over tits any day, plus slim jap girls with huge tits looks to weird, in anime its aight but irl? nawh
sounds like someone who's never held overly huge boobs before, they rule
I was hoping for the six way... Oh well.
@Junko Affairs are you saying 47 years from now the titties printed on this tankoubon are going to suddenly start hanging below their knees?
Junko Affairs
Japan has this weird obsession with titties well some men in general but especially japan, I guess it's cause most women there have small breasts & they crave something they never had. Tits are a living in the moment type of thing, yes they're nice round and fluffy now but 47 years from now when you're married to a bitch with those things they're gonna be hanging to her knees.
Unpopular opinion: Overly huge boobs are a turn off.
The oppai is real....And it's awesome....