(C90) [Kurobinega (Kenkou Cross)] Mamono Musume Zukan II ~Monster Girl Encyclopedia II~

(C90) [クロビネガ (健康クロス)] 魔物娘図鑑II ~Monster Girl Encyclopedia II~

Groups: kurobinega (11)
Languages: japanese (138,860)
Categories: doujinshi (150,267)
240 pages

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This and the first volume has been officially translated and released in the U.S. You can go to your local comic book shop and order it for $30. Totally worth it. Especially since it's uncensored for the U.S release.
TIL: Pharaohs are monsters and Khepri didn't roll the sun but a black ball of slime.
Ferri Anandri Husen
is there any translation version??? ,i haven't learn Kanji yet. :(
Best monster girl stuff ever.