(C90) [Hamehame Service Area (Cr-R)] Hikigaya Hachiman no Houshi Katsudou Kiroku -Costume Play Hen- (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.) [English] {Shotachan}

(C90) [はめはめサービスエリア (Cr-R)] 比企谷八幡の奉仕活動記録―コスチュームプレイ編― (やはり俺の奉仕部ハーレムはまちがっている。) [英訳]

Artists: cr-r (15)
Categories: doujinshi (151,957)
23 pages

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i don't get why hentai artists keep making hachiman this cute. he just looks like totsuka wearing a mask, tbh. it's pretty good, though.
Solen'ya the pickle man
Never been a fan of traps but this doujin might be the only one I like, I want to see more of this guy he is adorable!
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learning to appreciate traps really does make life substantially better
@Junko Affairs #relatable
Junko Affairs
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Goddamn, I think I'm into crossdressing twinks now.