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(Kyoukai kara Mieta Keshiki -Musubu-) [Mugendai (Humei)] Hifuu Club ga Hitotsu ni Natta Hi | The Day the Secret Sealing Club became One (Touhou Project) [English] [Fellowship of Freelancers & Moizac]

(境界から視えた外界-結-) [ムゲンダイ (フメイ)] 秘封倶楽部がひとつになった日 (東方Project) [英訳]

Artists: humei (9)
Groups: mugendai (9)
Categories: doujinshi (151,957)
27 pages

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I've been eagerly waiting for this translation ever since the artist's other works were uploaded. This Renko and Maribel are so cute!
Loved it. Needs a lot of sequels.
God that was intense...BUT HOT! ♡