[Shimapan (Tachibana Omina)] P5 Harlem ~Futaba Hen~ (Persona 5) [English] [CGrascal] [Digital]

[しまぱん (立花オミナ)] P5ハーレム~双葉編~ (ペルソナ5) [英訳] [DL版]

Parodies: persona 5 (126)
Groups: shimapan (27)
Categories: doujinshi (152,142)
32 pages

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NO joker! You must be TIRED, you NEED to SLEEP!
Haru got way too much attention this time around. Fucking bullshit.
Grr, Kawakami-teased again! At least she actually got an appearance this time... Still need one with all the girls/women in it that has more than two pages per section, though.
Mostly see ntr wen it comes to persona 5 so this is good
I tried to do this in the game but they beat my ass on Valentine's day.
...I got a Boner
Only 5 hours and we already have this beauty...I never see it coming!!!