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(COMIC1☆11) [Basutei Shower (Katsurai Yoshiaki)] MEGUMI LOVER Saenai Kanojo To Erogezukuri | MEGUMI LOVER Making Porn Game with a Boring Girlfriend (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata) [English] [ATF] [Decensored]

(COMIC1☆11) [バス停シャワー (桂井よしあき)] MEGUMI LOVER 冴えない彼女とのエロゲ作り (冴えない彼女の育て方) [英訳] [無修正]

Categories: doujinshi (153,122)
9 pages

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The Artist draws well and has an appealing art style but he too lazy to draw the guys. :(((
Too short. Would've been great if they tripled it.
God Knight
before translated i thought it's NTR. Glad that i'm wrong.
風見 雄二
Utaha looks good. Meh, it's decent but nothing special in my opinion. Still favorited it.
Holy Trash! Its broke my heart...
I agree @Zgyg12 Needs some ntr and rape and possibly blackmail and mindbreak Just fuckiny kidding kys pls would help humanity
@Zgyg12 Take an acid bath, cuck
should have change to NTR