(C91) [Kuma-puro (Shouji Ayumu)] Saigo no Ecchi no Hi | One Last Time [English] [ATF]

(C91) [Kuma-puro (小路あゆむ)] さいごのえっちのひ [英訳]

Groups: kuma-puro (94)
Categories: doujinshi (153,287)
28 pages

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pure love consensual sex with no harm done is what matters. If you go to jail, know that you did no wrong because she likes it too.
Kirbin all day
So was jazzboy just trolling here for fun or...?
Arguments and arguing aside, this doujin is really good!
oh, and notice my original argument was neither dependent on reality nor legality of this work or its subjects. even though it is possible you favorited that loli one only for the last 3 pages big tits, just to help a suspected fellow lolicon out, there is a translated version available.
says the guy who last favorited a doujin featuring loli fucktoys. i am beginning to question my previous statement, that there are a lot of people unironically saying that kinda shit. unless you (and maybe a large fraction of those voicing these opinions) are in some way suffering from internal conflict, which would be an equally disheartening but certainly more interesting state of affairs
Actually doesn't matter if it's not real because it's actually illegal in a lot of places, so go ahead and let that sink in pedos.
jazzboy, there are way too many idiots who actually seriously have opinions similar to those outlined in your post, so pls stop trolling, we really do not need even more of that
You made it way too obvious you were trolling, you could of had a long running cry fest an yet you had to screw it up, "I bet you wouldn't show this to your parents or read it around ppl who he kids" that was so pure blooded retarded, ignoring why the hell would you show porn to your parents, the "ppl who hv kids", it's not real so who gives a shit, I bet you an others watch incest porn, it would be just as retarded to imply that means you really wanna fk your family You suck at trolling. Leave it to the pros
Is Hentai about eating shit not nasty even though its not real...? I thought so keep justifying ur ways......I bet you two wouldn't show this to your parents huh or read it around ppl who hv kids.....so go suck yo muda dem pussy I suggest you crawl bk up in yo Mira n spend another nine months n stop being a sensitive bitch.......did I hit a nerve Lil niggas.....move Yuh bombo
Jazz boy, I don't think you should be looking at ANY porn, because clearly you're too retarded to know reality from lines on a page, this isnt real, there is human rights being violated because there is no birth certifciate BECAUSE THIS IS FICTION You're probably trolling, but if not your the exact person pornhub called a dumb cunt who doesn't know fantasy from fiction when they unbanned lolicon
what about this is nasty, if she is into it as well? it is cute and beautiful. if you really get ideas like this when thinking about it, maybe you did not think enough yet, or let yourself be influenced too much by pressure of authority or clearly biased information.
When you rlly think about this some rlly nasty shit this guy is doing.....this is why I dont like to think when i read hentai or read certain Hentai just look n fap but I read this n was thinking "imagine coming home early to this........look how a nigga dead" this is wrong shit to fill our minds on I mean which one of us can let ppl see lolicon hentai in our favorite not be surprised they don't want us around their kids......I would blacklist lolicon but I got too much to unfavorite #lazy