(C92) [Asatsuki Dou (Youta)] Nenecchikko (NEW GAME!)

(C92) [朝月堂 (夜歌)] ねねっちっこ (NEW GAME!)

Parodies: new game (71)
Artists: youta (78)
Languages: japanese (141,357)
Categories: doujinshi (153,287)
38 pages

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This is something you'd read for shits and giggles not something you'd actually Jack off to
i need this in english lmao...
Guys, are you really grossed out by this? Like this isn't vanilla by any means, but compared to a good amount of stuff on here this is incredibly tame. And that's coming from a guy with a shit ton of censored tags because I don't want to see that.
L Lawliet
Yeah, I read the tags. I knew I would be grossed out. And yet I kept reading anyway because I'm a fucking idiot. But at least they aren't eating shit or anything.
Can you make a English version please
This is too weird and gross for me