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(C91) [Imitation Moon (Narumi Yuu)] "Chotto Reinaa..." "Daijoubu Watashi ni Makasete" | "Wait, Reina..." "It's alright, leave it to me" (Hibike! Euphonium) [English] [JK Scanlations]

(C91) [Imitation Moon (成海優)] 「ちょっと麗奈ぁ・・・」 「大丈夫 私に任せて」 (響け! ユーフォニアム) [英訳]

Artists: narumi yuu (69)
Categories: doujinshi (153,530)
18 pages

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To think that I just finished both seasons and I still ship Kumiko x Reina then I came across with this, this might be a little bit too fast for me..