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megami tensei
4p8ml9.ca nobody wants to join your retarded porn discord
Asaki Rotenone
Ha I knew Sae hasn't had sex with how she is I'm not surprised she probably scared everyone else away.
Novum Lumen
You know what's funny about the Akira/Ann/Shiho threesome in this doujin? Shiho slags Kamoshida's sexual prowess off like this is some NTR doujin. But the thing is, the game heavily implies that Kamoshida raped Shiho and that said rape was a catalyst for her suicide attempt. So I'm like "No shit, Shihock. An threesome that you're fully into with your best friend and her boyfriend should be better than ant sex that you aren't."
You're right, I shouldn't knock another dude's hustle. I'm not a far of the art. The cover looked promising but the inside tripped me out.
USAgent .. whats wrong ? this is good
One man's garbage is a another man's treasure,just sayin.
Incredible. Someone wasted their time translating this garbage.