(Reitaisai 14) [Mugendai (Humei)] Onnanoko Doushi nante Zettai Okashii!! | It's Absolutely Weird When It's Between Women (Touhou Project) [English] [Fellowship of Freelancers]

(例大祭14) [ムゲンダイ (フメイ)] 女のコ同士なんて絶対おかしいっ!! (東方Project) [英訳]

Artists: humei (9)
Groups: mugendai (9)
Categories: doujinshi (154,250)
28 pages

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...I got a Boner
cough cough, only now after I reread did I understand the "Miracles" Sanae gave them...Mokou with a D, solve all problems
Surely there are lesbians in Japan. No, of course there are. So why is it that hentai chicks hardly ever know that lesbians are a thing that exist?
...I got a Boner
I come here for the plot, it's for the plot, I SWEAR!!! . . . . . . . . Maybe because I love RenMari too, yeah
Awwww! The power of yuri! (and miracle babies and sweet yuri sex)
AAAAAAAHHHHHH...the Yuri is so good > ͜ < ~ ❤