(C92) [Jido-Hikki (Kokekokko Coma)] Soredemo Miuna (Nagi no Asukara)

(C92) [じどー筆記 (こけこっこ☆こま)] それでも美海 (凪のあすから)

Characters: miuna shiodome (8)
Groups: jido-hikki (59)
Languages: japanese (142,155)
Categories: doujinshi (154,250)
24 pages

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Why can't it be just Hikari x Miuna... why does that "out of nowhere" character have to NTR Miuna?
The series is basically set up for it. Basically everyone likes someone else in some weird convoluted mess, not a bad series though.
I havent watched it but nagi no asukara sure have a lot of ntr doujins