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[ro] Ookami to Akazukin Ch. 4 [English] [Decensored] [Digital]

[ro] おおかみと赤ずきん 第四話 [英訳] [無修正] [DL版]

Artists: ro (26)
Categories: manga (70,057)
24 pages

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duh. Obviously she would kill him. Because of him the grandma encountered another wolf and what did he do? Nothing. Just watch her being eaten and he's just like" Well. This is sad. Let's getta hell outa here". Of course the chick would be mad
@Yntroval: Screw that, before Ruby Rose was created there already was a more twisted and bad ass Little Red Riding Hood, if this series is gonna be any sort of odd warped origin story for any pre-existing character then Bulleta (aka Baby Bonnie Hood) is the obvious choice. I mean her grandmother being murdered by a werewolf is actual official game canon and she already I known psycho and knife user. Its a much better fit then your Ruby Rose nonsense.
Pero did do something sorta of wrong, he admits that he accidentally allowed himself to be followed by less then kind member of his old pack, and then instead of helping the Grandma who was his friend he just watched her get eaten. He might have even witnessed Frances get raped too, first by his old packmate and then by the huntsman who shot vicious wolf. In all fairness to Frances, she's been through hell, walking in on her grandma's dead mauled body getting chowed on then getting violently raped first by a wolf then by her supposed rescuer would screw anyone up in the head. It doesn't help that in seems in vol. 3 her mother for one reason or another started whoring her out. So yeah life has sucked for Frances for the past 2 years and its partially on Pero. The real damning part is he admits he just watched and did nothing to stop any of it. I guess even a super ripped wolfman isn't exempt from being a useless beta male when its time to step up. I'm curious to see where this goes.
i have found the ch.1,in the ch.1,the little red ridding hood found her guardma was eatting by a wolfman which surely not this kind wolfman but seems that she missunderstanding he
Wolf guy did nothing wrong
And way too go killing mah boner at the end why kill him
And then, after killing Mister Wolf, Little Red found a scythe and changed her name to Ruby Rose, Killing wolves and Grimms alike, all the while sucking and fucking some dicks
Little Red seems too nice to immediately hate the wolf. Maybe the grandmother's name was a trigger phrase of sorts... and now Little Red's gonna be an assassin.
The ending was not too surprising, the moment Pero said for Frances not to hate him, I immediately thought, it had something to do with her grandmother
If you want my opinion on what happens next, i think he just got wounded because i mean, even if it's a knife i'm pretty sure he won't die and he'll be able to get back to his pack or whatever and then other wolves will hunt Frances down like what happened with her grandma and then Pero will suicide cuz sadness and it'll end in a really Julie and Romeo style. This is just my opinion though.
Frances is a fucking bitch in all the way possible. Poor Pero.
Nooooo!!! The end is painful!
This is why I love furry
Creo que solo ledejo una marca en el rostro, dudo que lo halla degollado.
I want more, the Brazil want
C'mon Dude! Can't be serious! Where's the rest of it? POR FAVOR!
Came for the fap stayed for the first plot...
There was suppose to be a full H manga of this released in December...Anyone know what happened?
yep I want my fucking next part please, I'm somehow so fucking invested in this story that I actually want more
I think I want another one of these
we can make a religion out of this
and the first furry i liked got stabbed(?)
Dat page 10. 9/10 artwork, 10/10 story, 12/10 diabetes. fuck this contagious shit, I'm not made for this. Gotta grab some insulin before its too late
Why is this the only chapter that's translated?!
The event's that turned around is way bayond my expection. Eghlus is not mu fist language
First furry hentai that didn't disgust me
In ch.2 (ch.1 is not found or they misnamed it), red riding hood woke in the hunter's hut and was told that the wolf who ate her grandma was killed by him. After raping her, he point a gun at her and said he was hired by red riding hood's mother to kill her and her grandma. In ch.3, the hunter said he killed grandma before the wolf got there. He planned to kill them both but red riding hood was late so he killed grandma first. After killing her, he left the house to find red riding hood but failed to find her. Before he continue his story, he shot red riding hood's wolf ear (yes, she had wolf ears for some reason but the story hasn't got to that part yet). Then it was the flash back from about 10 years ago, when she was abused by her mother as a prostitute to earn money after they lost their financial support from grandma's apple farm due to her death. One night, red riding hood wandered to the meadows, feeling depressed for her fucked up life and met the kind wolf. ...
Well fuck. Someone sunk the ship and thrown the remains in the Mariana trench.
they made it look sexy 10/10
I know I shouldn't be saying it, but its strange that this one is translated and chapters 1~3 aren't. Anyway, PLOT'S GETTING GOOD
Kirbin all day
Hmm, little red riding hood seems a bit different then how I remembered it.
Sadly, previous chapters are not translated. -_- Alas.