[DryR (Urakuso)] Josou Danshi ga Chikan ni Okasareru made no 3 Hiai | The Crossdressing Boy Who Got Molested Over A Period Of 3 Days [English] [Digital]

[DryR (うらくそ)] 女装男子が痴漢に犯されるまでの3日間 [英訳] [DL版]

Artists: urakuso (40)
Groups: dryr (24)
Categories: doujinshi (156,594)
26 pages

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Chikan-san is well cuptured
the guy just wants to massage his prostate, what a nice friend
@King of Perverts LMAO I'd pay to see that
I hope there is more (T ^ T)
@King of Perverts nice!
Erza x Asuna
I love to save him while my dick is hard
Atleast the man has concistency, gotta give him that.
King of Perverts
It would have been better if the trap fucked the FutaKnight..
Traps are best girlfriends
@Futaknight Hell no, you're absolutely everywhere always posting that comment, it's better and cutter when the traps get's fucked.
Yaoi God Prime
aaaaaaa yes. it's time to FAP
A good story tells the plot in the chapters. A GREAT story does it right on the title.
trisomy 21
Miss me with that gay shit.. but I still fapped
It would have been better if the trap fucked the guy